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Crystallization: focus on micro and nano crystals and high throughput methods 2016 at SLAC

Crystallization: focus on micro and nano crystals and high throughput methods, 2016 at SLAC

April 19 - 22, 2016

Four day practical course in crystallization and characterization of macromolecules

2007 'Crystallization: focus on' Course


SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Purpose & Scope of the Course:

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with hands-on experience of a variety of crystal growth methods for obtaining high quality crystals for synchrotron and XFELs sources. The course will address both conventional and non-conventional methods in protein crystal growth. Optimization methods will include application of oils, novel nucleating agents, detergents, crystallization in lipid cubic phase, the use of injectors, accustic droplet ejection and more. Introductory lectures will precede the hands-on tutorials planned for the course. Time for discussions and informal meetings with the tutors is scheduled.

Intended Audience

Graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and research scientists interested in learning about different approaches to crystallization and automation.

Selection Criteria

The inclusion of a small resume and a statement of interest with the application form is required, as groups will be organized according to their common level. Preference will be given to attendeees that will also participate in Rapidata 2016


The course fee is $450 ($100 registration fee plus $350 social fee to cover all meals).