User Shipments

These pages contain forms and instructions for shipping liquid nitrogen dewars and blue shipping containers for samples at elevated temperature to and from SSRL, or equipment and other materials.

    International Shipment

    International shipments can involve duty or taxes on items shipped. For international shipments, we encouraged users to work with their international shipping company to prepare a carnet and pay fees directly. Please retain a copy of the carnet and ensure that all shipping documents are accurate and consistent.

    For FedEx imports, we recommend checking the Broker Select Option (BSO) on the shipping forms and entering the following Broker information:

      JAS, San Francisco Branch
      800 Airport Blvd, Suite 518. Burlingame, CA 94010, USA
      Phone: D: +1 (650) 372 8107, T: +1 650 581 7230, Fax: +1 650 581 7240
      Contact: Elsa Lee (

    If users don't select the Broker Select Option (BSO), FedEx international shipping services automatically default to broker-inclusive, meaning that FedEx serves as the shipment’s customs broker. The shipment will be sent to the customs-approved in-bond location nearest to the broker you are working with, which could take up to 24-72 hours depending on the high volume of packages.

    Export Control

    There are specific export controls for international shipments originating from within the US. Concurrence with terms and conditions and submission of forms are required. Please review and complete all required forms on the SSRL website outlining International Shipments before starting the shipping forms.

    Power of Attorney

    Power of Attorney must be assigned to SSRL/SLAC for shipments to countries outside the US. The form requires a handwritten signature. Please download the appropriate form (Individual or Group); fill the form out completely and mail the signed form to The form will cover all future shipments.


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