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MTZ Struct Reference

#include <mtzdata.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

char title [71]
char * hist
int histlines
int nxtal
int ncol_read
int nref
int nref_filein
int refs_in_memory
int n_orig_bat
float resmax_out
float resmin_out
MNF mnf
SYMGRP mtzsymm
MTZXTAL ** xtal
MTZCOLorder [5]

Detailed Description

Top level of MTZ struct.

Member Data Documentation

MTZBAT* MTZ::batch

first batch header

CCP4File* MTZ::filein

file for reading

CCP4File* MTZ::fileout

file for writing

char* MTZ::hist

history of mtz file

int MTZ::histlines

number of lines in hist

MNF MTZ::mnf

value of missing number flag

SYMGRP MTZ::mtzsymm

symmetry information

int MTZ::n_orig_bat

original number of batches

int MTZ::ncol_read

number of columns from file

int MTZ::nref

total number of reflections

int MTZ::nref_filein

number of reflections from input file

int MTZ::nxtal

number of crystals

MTZCOL* MTZ::order[5]

sort order

int MTZ::refs_in_memory

whether reflections are held in memory

float MTZ::resmax_out

output file max res

float MTZ::resmin_out

output file min res

char MTZ::title[71]

title of mtz structure



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