Microscopes and Video



Each beamline is equipped with two Leica microscopes to aid in crystal selection and mounting.  Using a COHU camera series 2222-1340/0000 (COHU Inc. Electronics Division (858) 277-6700) or Sony camera, one of these microscopes is setup to display images on a nearby computer monitor and in the beamline video system.

Directions for remote viewing:

  1. Focus the microscope looking through the eye pieces as usual.
  2. Turn on the attached video monitor or connect to the beamline video system through a web browser.
  3. Flip the switch on the side of the microscope from 'vis' to 'photo'. You may lose vision through one of the eye pieces.

Microscope Vendors:

The microscope is available through Lieca.

Leica Inc.
111 Deer Lake Road
Deerfield, IL 60015
Phone: (800)248-0665, Fax: (847) 317-7268

The microscope is composed of the following parts:

Description (range 6.3-40X) Part Number
  1. M76 Optics (0.63X-4.0X Zoom)
  2. Video Phototube HV for 50%/50% View
  3. 0.5X C-Mount Adapter
  4. 10X C-Mount Adapter
  5. 45 Degree Inclined Binocular Head
  6. 10x Wide Field Eyepiece
  7. Reticule, 120 division w/ Crosshair
  8. 1.0X Achromatic Objective
  9. Transmitted Light Base 20W
  10. Coarse Focus Mechanism. 300 mm
  11. MZ Microscope Carrier
  12. Polarizer on Stage Plate, 120 mm diam.
  13. Analyzer. Rotatable. 58mm
  14. Dust Cover
  • 10445614
  • 10446194
  • D50MZC
  • D10DMC
  • 10445619
  • 10445111
  • 10376119
  • 10411589
  • 10445387
  • 10445615
  • 10445617
  • 10446228
  • 10315306
  • 10362677
Items needed for increased zoom (12.8-160X):  
  1. 2 ea  Eyepiece 16X/14B adjustable
  2. Coarse/fine focus drive
  3. Analyzer 66mm diameter
  4. Objective Planapo 10x,M-series
  5. ErgoWodge 5-25 degree


  • 10445301
  • 10447106
  • 10367929      
  • 10446230 
  • 10446123 

Crystal viewing in the Experimental Hutch

The sample crystal is viewed via a CCD camera and displayed in the hutch and the electronics rack with a Samsung 170 mp / 17" flat panel monitor. The Optronics Model LE-470 Color CCD remote head camera with 6' composite and S-Video cables, and power supply is available through Leica Inc. The sample camera uses a zoom lens enabling the experimenter to zoom in and out while centering the crystal in the x-ray beam.  The zoom lens system is available through J.H. Technologies in San Jose CA (408 - 436-6336).  It consists of the following components: 

Navitar 12x lens with motorized zoom and manual focus, DC servo motors with encoders and optical limit switch  Part# 1-50486MEL
Navitar 2X Standard NIRA Adapter Part# 1-60185
Navitar NIRA Elbow Adapter Part# 1-60165
Navitar C-Mount Coupler Part# 1-16010
Navitar 0.75X Lens Attachment, 107 mm WD Part# 1-50013

We made some modifications to this system which include a custom made limit switch bracket holding cherry DH-series ultra-micro limit swiches (available from DigiKey).  To actuate these swiches we modified the SPUR gear that comes with the lens and installed a 2 mm dowel pin. The system also includes a custom mounting bracket that connects the lens to the XY-stage and a custom mounting plate for attaching the XY-stage to the experimental table.  A lens-cover to was also added to protect the lens from LN2.  The lens cover includes a FisherBrand Preimum Cover Slip (25mm x 25mm, No. 1 12-548C from fisher Scientific  800-766-7000).  The direct beam position is marked on the monitors using a video line generator which was purchased from World Video, Inc. (www.microimagevideo.com).  The video signal is also entered into an axis 2400+ video server (http://www.axis.com)