PHASER (CCP4: Supported Program)


phaser-2.7.0 - Maximum Likelihood Analysis and Phasing.




Molecular Replacement, SAD Phasing, Anisotropy Correction, Cell Content Analysis, Translational NCS/Twin Analysis, Gyration Refinement, Pruning, Single Atom MR, and SCEDS Substructure Determination/Normal Mode Perturbation of PDB files (Model Generation for Molecular Replacement).

There are some changes between this version and previous versions so input scripts may need editing.

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A. J. McCoy, L. C. Storoni, G. Bunkoczi, R. D. Oeffner, & R. J. Read
University of Cambridge

R. W. Grosse-Kunstleve, P. D. Adams
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley

M. D. Winn



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