User Resources

The SSRL Macromolecular Crystallography Group supports, operates and develops four dedicated beam lines including two bright undulator micro-focus beam lines (BL12-1 and BL12-2). All beamlines are optimized for high-intensity, high-throughput, and turnkey operation in a highly standardized, user-friendly and robust environment. A large emphasis has been placed on providing a unified and homogeneous experimental environment to the researcher. Each station is equipped with similar beam line hardware, computational environment and software interface. The resources available to researchers include:

  • Macromolecular crystallography beam lines equipped with additional hardware such as robotics, cryotools, microscopes, incubators, dewars, cold rooms, wet labs, and stereo visualization equipment. See the chart on our homepage for an overview of our beam lines and their parameters.
  • A powerful computing environment for optimally running software for data collection and processing.
  • A Remote Access mode for remote monitoring and control of the experiment.

Please refer to our policies for important information on schedules, user responsibilities, use of hardware and software resources, hazards, and sample handling procedures.