Beamline Tool Board Page

Equipment supplied for the use of visiting experimenters is displayed on the tool board. Users should replace all items to their correct locations on the tool board before leaving SSRL

*To view an individual toolboard bin up-close, click on the bin in the image below.


1. Spare Standard Goniometer with Heating Shield

2. Backup Supplies, Bulbs and Batteries

3. Safety Glasses

4. Alignment Tools

5. Goniometer Tools

6. Cryo-Pins with Vials, Wand Mirror, and Thermocouple Meter

7. Cryo-Tongs, Magnetic Wands, and Vial Openers

8. Microscope Light Insert

9. Microscope Eye Pieces

10. Microscope Polarizer

11. High Resolution Beamstop Supplies

12. Flashlight

13. Solvents & Cleaning Supplies

14. Long Tongs

15. Pipettes & Pipette Tips

16. Robot Cassette Loading Tools

17. SGI 3D Glasses, Gloves, & Heat gun

18. Cryo-Gloves

19. Small Dewar & Kimwipes

20. 4L Dewar

21. Crystal Loading Dewars

* The slat-wall storage bins are available from Jule Art Inc. (Phone: 800-833-8980)