Installing Washers and Magnets into Cassettes


The magnetic insertion tool is make of two pieces, the guide and the plunger, that fit together. The guide fits into the cassette cavity and compresses the Teflon retaining ring. The plunger is magnetic and servers to orient the correct pole of the ring magnet and hold the Teflon retaining ring for insertion. After the Teflon retaining ring and magnet are placed on the plunger, it is inserted into the guide, which compresses the Teflon ring to fit into the sample cassette recess.

1. Place washer on top of plunger by gently squeezing the washer so that it fits around the post, but does not close all the way, see example below.

2. To secure the washer, place a magnet over the top of the washer.

3. Place guide inside empty cassette port.

4. With the washer and magnet attached, slide the plunger into the guide. Press all the way down until washer & magnet are securely inserted in the cassette port.

5. Remove the insertion tool.

6. IMPORTANT: Make sure the Teflon ring has a gap of at least 3.5 mm, if not, separate the washer with a small pair of tweezers to make the gap larger.

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