Canister Assembly


Description: The body, tube, and handle of the canister are purchased through Chart industries (part # '11752101 Canister SC4/2V'). Using that part number, you will receive all the pieces unglued. For our purposes, the handle and tube should then be modified and assembled following the steps below:

Part Assembly:

1. Mark 1 inch from the end of the fiberglas tube.

2. File/grind off the bottom inside inch of the fiberglas tube at about a 30 degree angle until the edge is paper thin. Do not file all the way through. This provides extra clearance for the insertion of cassettes.

3. To test if the area has been correctly ground, insert the tube onto the canister and try to slide a cassette inside. If the cassette does not go in easily, more material needs to be removed.


4. Now cut the handle with a fine tooth hacksaw to measure 5.4 inches tall

Note: You should wear a dust mask while cutting the handle


5. Glue the green fiberglas handle onto the metal stub with cryo-epoxy. Make sure that the sanded side of handle is tangent to the canister or the cassette will not fit correctly.




6. Once the handle is in place, the next step is to modify the metal hook. (This modification allows the canister to work in many brands of dry-shippers. If you are using a MVE model SC4/2V dry-shipper, then you can skip this step and just glue in the handle.)

7. Bend the hook downward by about 40 degrees.



8. Mark and trim off the section of hook shown in grey below. Remove any sharp edges.


9. Lastly, affix the handle inside the tube using cryo-epoxy.

Note: Make sure hook is pointing away from canister when gluing!

Note: Make sure the distance from top of handle to bottom of canister is 16.35 inches.


10. To test the canister dimensions, put a spacer (0.030") and teflon ring inside the bottom of a Taylor Wharton CX100 shipping dewar, then insert the canister, and load 2 cassettes inside it. If the canister handle is the correct length, then the dewar lid should close correctly.


If the canister handle is the correct length, then the dewar lid should close correctly with two cassettes inside and the bottom of the canister should not touch the teflon ring.

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