Sample Container Identification

A bar-coded sample pin base may be used for sample container identification.   If you have beamtime at SSRL, these pin bases may be supplied to you by SSRL staff.

When using a cassette, the bar-coded pin base should be placed in the A1 port.  When using a uni-puck, the bar-coded pin base should be placed in the first port (labeled with a number 1).



Bar-coded pins in other locations will not be used for identification.

The bar-coded pin base is held inside the cassette or uni-puck by the magnets inside the container.  For container identification at SSRL, the SAM robot removes the bar-coded pin and reads it using a bar-code scanner installed at the beamline.  (Do not glue the bar-coded pin inside the container as this will prevent the SAM robot from removing the pin.)

If samples are mounted on the bar-coded pin base, they can be mounted for screening and data collection.  Reading the bar-code does not jeopardize the safety of the sample.  However, we recommend not using a sample on the bar-coded pin base because this will prevent it from being lost or misplaced during the sample preparation process.  We recommend always leaving the bar-coded pin base in the sample container.


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