Support Staff Schedule

Please use this schedule to determine the staff scientist assigned to assist you during your beam time.

For inquiries prior to your beam time about our facilities, experimental capabilities or related topics, send e-mail directly to your assigned support staff scientist (addresses are available by clicking on staff names in the calendar). Additionally, please review our facility documentation.

During beamtime, you can reach support staff on the beamline cell phones.

If you do not have beam time scheduled, you may e-mail facility questions to Lisa Dunn.

User runs begin at 3 PM and normally end at 11 AM. Exception: Runs preceding Machine Physics Periods may end at 6 AM. Users should back up all data and clean the beam line area BEFORE their beam time ends.

Short Shifts

Shifts marked with tan background have more than one proposal allocated to that 24 hour slot. See the SSRL Beam Port Schedule for more information.

 Apr 2017   12_2  14_1  7_1  9_2
Sat 1   9a20-caltech AG     AG                4b98-tezcan AG
Sun 2   9a20-caltech AG   4b49-swairjo AG                4b98-tezcan AG
Mon 3   8124-cohen IM   4b72-feese CS                5b13-ng TD
Tue 4   8050-smith IM   4b51-reeve CS                5b13-ng TD
Wed 5   4b34-padayatti IM   4b79-goulding CS                5b23-glynn TD
Thr 6   9a16-wolan IM   3r67-jayaraman CS                3r74- TD
Fri 7   9a20-caltech IM   3b96-cory CS                3r28-shelton TD
Sat 8   9a20-caltech TD   3b96-cory TD                5b20-chan TD
Sun 9   4b71-wilson TD     TD                3r64-chen TD
Mon10   maap CS   maap TD   maap            maap SR
Tue11   maap CS   maap TD   maap            maap SR
Wed12   5b40-maher CS   4b22-cuello TD                4b13-wilson SR
Thr13   5b40-maher CS   4b08-johnson TD                9a05-getzoff SR
Fri14   9a20-caltech CS   9a72-deller TD                4b97-samuels SR
Sat15   9a20-caltech SR     SR                4b36-akker SR
Sun16   4b29-brayer SR     SR                5b24-harris SR
Mon17   4b33-weis TD   5b17-kamtekar SR   8223-gonzalez            9a60-puglisi IM
Tue18   5b39-aleshin TD   8223-gonzalez            8223-gonzalez            9a01-wilson IM
Wed19   8223-gonzalez            8223-gonzalez            8223-gonzalez            ra         
Thr20   8223-gonzalez            8223-gonzalez            8223-gonzalez            ra         
Fri21   4b77-stanfield TD   5b25-sotelo-mundo SR   8223-gonzalez            4b75-bushnell IM
Sat22   9a20-caltech CS   5b25-sotelo-mundo CS   8223-gonzalez            5b14-liu CS
Sun23   9a20-caltech CS     CS   8223-gonzalez            5b16-iverson CS
Mon24   paam            paam            paam            paam         
Tue25   paam            paam            paam            paam         
Wed26   paam            paam            paam            paam         
Thr27   paam            paam            paam            paam         
Fri28   paam            paam            paam            paam         
Sat29   paam            paam            paam            paam         
Sun30   paam            paam            paam            paam         
Support Staff
AC Aina Cohen
AG Ana Gonzalez
CS Clyde Smith
IM Irimpan Mathews
MS Mike Soltis
SR Silvia Russi
TD Tzanko Doukov
{} No Support
~~ No Operation
Full Shifts
Short Shifts - See above