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News and announcements

This page lists current employment opportunities, summer internships, workshops, summer schools and provides links to various news media.

Run Schedule

The Spear operation schedule for the 2013-2014 run is available here. Spear access and Machine Physics days are marked PAMM and AP respectively.

Installation of the BL9-2 mirror took place in September 2013 and commissioning is under way.

New user facilities for the 2013-2014 run

A new blu-ice raster tab has been released on all beamlines, with significant changes from the previous version. Please see the documentation

The default version of Shelx has been updated to Shelx/2014.

NoMachine has released version 4 of the NX client. For installation and configuration instructions, see here.

The new version of autoxds uses AIMLESS by default to scale and merge reflections, although a command line option exist to run SCALA.. SCALA has also been replaced with AIMLESS in the MAD scripts.

A multicrystal collection strategy is available from Web-Ice. See the Web_ice strategy documentation.